Saturday, 16 May 2009

Coney Island...

So today we took a break from the studio in search of some outside stimulus... We get on the F train for about an hour passing through loads of industiral estates and over the biggest graveyard we have ever seen, graves as far as the eye can see. We get off at Coney Island, the place is about to be redeveloped so this is probably the only chance we'll get to see what is left of its eerie charm.

The weather is humid and misty and truthfully this is the creepiest place we have ever seen. Amongst the old school faded and peeling 'shoot the freak' signs and run down huts housing unappealing arcade games are workers willing you to "throw the frisby, I'll buy your first go, it may be your lucky day".

The top of the rickerty rollarcoaster is barely visible from the low cloud and the smell of sea salt and clams is intense and nostalgic. We feel like we've been here before either in a dream or a nightmare which one i'm not sure, as long as we don't end up in a Requiem for a Dream-like situation - then I don't care.

There is something really depressing about out of season sea side towns where empty rides sit motionless, sun-faded ice cream signs swing back and forth in the breeze, and everything feels like its in slow motion. I think this place has seen better days but i'm glad i've seen it, it'll be sad to see it go.


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MONZON said...

my heaart beats like a drum and i know im not the only one...